Viridian's 2014 Review and 2015 Outlook Report

The Viridian's 2014 Review and 2015 Outlook Report in PDF format... Read More >

About Us

AV1 Group, Inc. is a publicly traded investment and holding company established to identify, secure, and monetize emerging growth companies in a number of sectors... Read More >

About MIG

The Company's comprehensive incubation process consists of thoroughly preparing each acquisition to be launched into the marketplace fully equipped to thrive in its sector... Read More >

About CannaLighting

CannaLighting is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marijuana Incubator Group, Inc. CannaLighting is actively building strategic relationships in the LED sector... Read More >

GrowthSpectrum Lighting

The GrowthSpectrum product line is an array of industry specific, state-of-the-art lighting equipment that will be marketed to the cannabis industry... Read More >

Dental Cannatizer

Marijuana Incubator Group, Inc. (otc pink:AVOP) to purchase a cutting edge technology that the Company is rebranding as the "Dental Cannatizer"... Read More >

Vapor High USA

Vapor High USA is committed to creating a foundation of success and growth, and to deliver cutting edge quality products... Read More >

Putting consumers and small businesses in contact with legal services and service providers. Lawster is here to assist you in protecting your rights. Read More >

Hemptory is an engaging new online one stop destination for all hemp and cannabis related products and services. Read More >

MJIQ is the first comprehensive, enterprise-grade integrated software suite for the legal cannabis industry, enabling business owners to manage their dispensary... Read More >

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