AV1 Group, Inc. is a publicly traded investment and holding company established to identify, secure, and monetize emerging growth companies in a number of sectors that include cannabis related technologies, cultivation and ecommerce businesses positioned for exponential growth.

The Company seeks to discover inspired entrepreneurs with revolutionary concepts which can make a substantial footprint in markets that the Company believes to have exponential growth potential.  AV1 Group, Inc.’s comprehensive business model also includes a division which delivers internally created projects that are poised for revenue generation, and a platform enabling the Company to develop embryonic stage subsidiaries under one umbrella, bringing a spectrum of backgrounds to the table, thus providing a significant resource of experience, knowledge and expertise to every venture.  AV1 Group, Inc. explores every opportunity to help each sector exceed their revenue goals while building close, active working relationships; preparing each respective division to be a robust competitor in their chosen markets.


Technology & Ecommerce

XFIRE Smart Systems, PowerDisc, and Vapor High USA

Innovative solutions for city smart grids,
home and business lighting, and ecommerce.

LED Lamps & Bulbs

Intelligent Lighting Corp, GrowthSpectrum, CannaLighting

Cost and Energy-Efficient lighting solutions
for companies, homes, and grow houses.

Enhanced Cannabis Projects

Dental Cannatizer, MJ Test Labs, Lawster, MJIQ, & Hemptory

Development of companies and services focused on
diverse segments of the legal cannabis market.

AV1 Group Advantages

AV1 Group’s business model delivers internally-created projects that are poised for revenue generation, and a cross-company revenue platform enabling the Company to incubate and foster growth in early stage subsidiaries under one umbrella.