puts consumers and small businesses in contact with legal services and service providers.  The website is designed to assist consumers and small businesses with the discovery of viable solutions for a wide spectrum of legal facets. Ultimately the site will be developed into a comprehensive resource facilitating a nationwide database of legal professionals, with corresponding ratings; including the listing of attorneys, paralegals, bail bondsmen, among other legal resources.

Also planned is an Internet based legal inquiry feature. This “Ask an Attorney” styled Q&A resource is expected to be a powerful tool, a cost effective way for potential clients to assess legal situations. The initial goal is to provide valuable solutions free of charge for the purpose of generating visibility and traffic, to subsequently become a paid service, bringing in another revenue stream to the Company.

“This venture is going to be an exciting addition to our Corporate Structure,” stated Bryen Beglinger, the CEO of AV1 Group Inc. He continued, “We believe that the diversity this brings to the table will be beneficial, whereas it enables us to embrace yet another revenue generation opportunity while simultaneously developing a powerful asset that will ultimately be well equipped to extrapolate on revised laws in evolving newly legalized sectors, and how they affect growers and consumers.”

The new addition of will create synergy for other subsidiaries while potentially creating a catalyst for unprecedented growth. The Company intends to keep shareholders fully informed as its internally created projects continue to take form and grow. Announcements regarding these other divisions will be forthcoming. is here to assist you in protecting your rights.  We can help you with any or all of your legal needs from patents and trademarks to real estate to criminal defense; we can assist you in finding the proper counsel for your specific need.